What to Wear

Comfort • Safety • Enjoyment

The following is a guide on how to dress appropriately for maximum
enjoyment during your winter tour!

Friends!  Please be advised should any participants arrive for their dog sledding tour in unsafe attire and refuse rental items, we will unfortunately have to decline service without a refund.  Please take our advice - after all, we are the experts!

Acceptable Apparel

1. Insulated winter jacket
2. Down jacket
3. Small down jacket under wind/water proof shell
4. Fleece jacket under wind/water proof shell
5. Insulated winter coveralls
6. Insulated snow pants
7. Fleece pants under wind/water proof outer pant
8. Wool or synthetic wool socks
9. Supportive insulated winter boots above the ankle
10. Supportive insulated wind/water resistant hiking boot above the ankle
11. Snowboard boots
12. Warm toque/beanie/hat that covers your ears
13. Insulated winter mittens or gloves
14. Wool/silk/synthetic wool under-layers
15. Goggles or sun glasses
16. Sunscreen
17. Chap-stick
18. Small day pack with water, snacks, extra warm layers and camera

Unacceptable Apparel

1. Leggings without snow pants
2. Jeans even with snow pants
3. Leggings underneath jeans
4. High heeled boots/shoes/wedges
5. Sneakers/Tennis shoes
6. Cotton socks (if it’s not a winter sock, don’t wear it)
7. Slipper style boots (example- UGGS)
8. Rubber boots (example- Hunters)
9. Helmets (can injure others sitting in the sled)
10. Ski boots

Wearing these items and refusing to rent proper gear can result in our team declining service without a refund.
If you do not have snow pants, winter jackets or boots, we offer high quality North Face expedition gear as well as Sorel Glacier boots for rent.
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Scroll through the photos above for examples of acceptable apparel and below for unacceptable apparel!
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