The Snowy Owl Difference

Support Local • Support Original • Support Ethical

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.”
-Aldo Gucci

We are strong advocates for the humane and ethical treatment of sled dogs.  Since dog sledding is a non-regulated sport, sled dogs can be at risk of exploitation.  At Snowy Owl we treat and care for our sled dogs as “working pets” rather than "working dogs". This ensures a pack of personable, happy, healthy and trustworthy companions!

Our expertise in the sport of sled dog touring is unsurpassed!  As the first sled dog touring company in the Bow Valley, we created the original dog sledding experience over a quarter of a century ago.  Our trail head is nestled between frozen lakes, frosty streams, glaciers and magnificent mountain ranges. We are immersed in Mother Nature’s frozen landscape and with beautiful, traditional sled dog breeds our visitors achieve a real, hands on Canadian dog sledding experience.

We remain a small, family owned and operated business and are fully involved in all aspects of our company.  As owners, we still guide and instruct tours, manage the kennel, take reservations and supervise each and every process of our business.

The Ultimate Experience:
Our signature, self-driven sled allows friends and family to truly embrace their inner musher!  After a comprehensive introduction and instruction, your pack of husky heroes will lead you down the trail as you follow closely behind one of our professional instructors.  Guest can also join one of our instructor driven sleds where they can either sit back and relax as a passenger or share the driving with the instructor.

Fair, Honest Pricing: 
You can count on us to provide fair pricing found in the five-star quality of our programs as well as the exceptional dog care we deliver to our husky family. Our rates remain the same throughout the duration of each winter season and are never increased during high demand periods such as holidays or weekends.

We take the safety of every individual, both human and canine very seriously. This is why our gear and husky heroes are examined several times throughout the day to ensure everything and everyone is in seamless working order. Our trails are expertly groomed, surveyed and maintained to ensure safe travel for our guests and sled dogs at all times.

Customer Service:
We are committed to providing personalized service and clear communication to all our guests.  Our detailed tour confirmations, cold weather/snow/avalanche notices, tour reminder emails and high-quality rental attire are some of the many ways we ensure our guests are prepared for their dog sledding adventure.