self driven sled
Snowy Owl’s Signature Self-Driven Sled

The ultimate experience in sled dog touring! Pioneered and branded in the Bow Valley by Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours in 1983, this option alone creates a dog sledding experience unlike any other!

Our self-driven sleds allow visitors the opportunity to command their very own pack of husky heroes along with their friends and family! We provide a comprehensive introduction and instruction on the do’s and don’ts of driving a dog team as well as the additional support and careful supervision of our experienced, professional instructors! Our instructors will be driving their own sled dog team ahead of you, assessing your progress as well as providing helpful reminders in keeping your sled controlled. Our sled dogs are exceptionally well trained and cared for. Each and every dog running on our guest driven sleds has passed a number of tests on focus, responsiveness and work ethic.