Spirited • Safe • Stimulating

Summer months are quite warm (for the huskies) so our training program is considered to be playtime for the dogs!  Every day we free run allowing them to play, relax, socialize or cool off in their pools.  This off tether time is crucial in maintaining a well mannered pack as it offers the very important social component all dogs need.

During the early mornings of the autumn season, we use an all-terrain vehicle to simulate a sled dog team similar to what our pack experience in the winter months. Our sled dogs enjoy an easy and relaxed pace for their morning runs - just enough to keep them fit. As winter approaches and the temperatures cool down, we begin to increase the distance they run so we can build up their endurance. By the beginning of the season our huskies are able to run 20-30kms in a day.

We train our huskies by building trust and the strong bond of friendship. We introduce our pack and assist them in working through real scenarios that occur on the trail. In teaching our huskies trail etiquette we find that exposing them to real situations during the training months works most effectively in establishing secure comfort levels for them and an automatic understanding of how to safely react to the challenges of their future job.

When training our puppies, we spend the mornings going for long walks.  These walks familiarize the puppies with basic experience such as river crossings, climbing over fallen trees and the typical smells and sounds of our wilderness.  By 6 months of age, we begin their first run within the team.  The pup is paired with a veteran husky hero who will instill a sense of calm for the puppy which helps him/her feel confident rather than unsure.  These "puppy training" teams are structured to ensure that the puppy isn't pulling very much weight and that the speed of the team is not too fast.  We take our time in completing our short training loop to allow the puppy to rest when he/she needs, roll in the snow and enjoy their future job.

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