Feeding Sled Dogs

Nutrition • Hydration• Energy

Did you know that sled dogs are the greatest, ultra marathoners on the planet and that they metabolize their energy so uniquely, it is unlike any other mammal in the world?

Sled dogs are super athletes and in order for us to provide the necessary calories to our pack, we have to feed them multiple times in a day!  Although our sled dogs are not racing, they burn their fats/proteins the same way as described in this video.

Our philosophy behind our feeding program

Like people, each member of our pack is unique.  Unique in breed, work ethic, current body condition and body type.  These 4 components all determine the personalized feeding program for each husky hero.  For us to maintain a healthy pack we must be flexible and anticipate the big changes our dogs experience such as temperature, trail conditions and an increase in work.  Having this foresight allows us to tweak their diets to reflect their current schedules and environment.

Each of our sled dogs has two bowl holders attached to their houses for easy access to their food without spilling.  These holders are also placed at the optimal height allowing food to travel into the dogs stomach without consuming too much air.  All our feed is prepared at our “feed station” and members of our team deliver each husky hero their custom meals.

Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours has created a “feed board” concept which lists each pack member, their feeding schedule and portions.  Another important component to our feeding program is not just how much they eat, but what they consuming as well.



Here is a list of ingredients we use for our pack's feeding program:

  • Dr. Tim's Momentum kibble for our working pack.
  • Dr. Tim's Pursuit kibble for our senior pack.
  • Dr. Tim's ImmuShield probiotic added to meals.
  • Revive nutritional supplement - added to our dogs daily soups to help replenish their electrolytes and glycogen.
  • Cubed bison/buffalo meat snacks
  • Weekly eggs added to their meals
  • Weekly pork neck bones

Our pack burns upwards to 12,000 calories per working day and each husky hero consumes approximately 6lbs of food per day!


During the spring, summer and autumn seasons, our dogs have full access to water however, hydration over the winter months becomes more challenging since water of course freezes.  In order to ensure all our dogs are drinking we mix kibble with fresh minced bison and beef into 5 gallon buckets.  We then add hot water to the mixture to form a soup.  These soups are offered to the dogs immediately after preparation and are given 4 times daily.  Each sled dog drinks 12 cups (3 Liters) or more per day.



Here is a list of ingredients we use for our pack's feeding program:


During the spring, summer and autumn seasons, our dogs have full access to water and on a daily basis consuming 12 cups (3 Liters) per day or more.  We check and refresh each dog's water 4 times daily to ensure that they have plenty of clean water.