Do you dream of self-driven dog sledding in Canmore, Alberta? If so, dream no more! Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours offers self-driven dog sledding for everyone. Our team is proud to offer this experience to our guests, as Snowy Owl is one of the very few dog sledding companies in Canmore that provides this service. Other dog sledding companies don't allow it, or they allow it only on a very minimal basis. For example, an instructor will usually have to stand on the back of the sled with you. Therefore, it's not really self-driving with other dog sledding companies as much as you are just taking over the reins.

Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours has the best instructors, the best dogs, and the best self-driven dog sledding program in Alberta! We've been doing this since 1983, making Snowy Owl one of the oldest and most trusted dog sledding companies in the nation! Dog sledding is an iconic activity, and being able to drive your own dog sled is a dream come true for many. Snowy Owl is one of the few that can make it happen.

How Does Self-Driven Dog Sledding Work?

When you schedule your self-driven dog sledding in Canmore, Alberta, you will have your own sled with your own dogs. You'll command your own pack after a comprehensive introduction class. In just a few short minutes, you will learn all the things to avoid and everything you need to know. This includes learning where the brake is and a few basic commands.

When you are ready to start touring, one of our experienced instructors will drive ahead of you on their own sled, giving you enough space to be alone but being close enough to assist should a need arise. Our primary goal is to keep all of our guests safe at all times, and as long you follow our instruction, there won't be any problems. Our dogs and instructors truly are the best in the business! Our dogs and instructors are focused, hard-working, and responsive.

How Your Sled Will Be Configured

Drive your own dog sled at Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours with no previous experience. When we bring out the harnesses, all of the dogs scream "Me first, me first" because they are bred to run. If you let huskies run, you'll find that they will be very happy. You'll notice three sections of your sled as follows:

The Lead Section:

The brains of our team. This is a reliable leader who turns on command.

Team Dogs:

The followers. These dogs are in the middle, and they follow the leaders.

The Muscle:

Wheel dogs. These are the dogs that do most of the pulling.

Schedule Your Self-Driven Dog Sledding Tour in Canmore, Alberta

We have three main tours, each varying in duration. Tours can range from one hour and ten minutes to six hours. In the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any needs or questions. Snowy Owl is glad to help.

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