Let’s give the people what they came to see: the dogs. We know these adorable sled dogs tend to take the spotlight around here. Honestly, they couldn’t be more deserving. While the Snowy Owl experience combines many unforgettable elements: the jaw-dropping mountain terrain, adrenaline, and the adventure of it all, the dogs are what make it unlike any other experience you can have in the Canadian Rockies. These dogs are the heart and soul of Snowy Owl, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. They’re lovable, hard-working, goofy, and adorable. We love and treat them like family, and they absolutely return the favour. So, let’s meet the pack.

Meet the Pack

Our pack is made up of nearly 200 energetic huskies, including dozens of litters that have been born and raised at Snowy Owl. Our community has helped us name most of the litters, so we’ve got everything from the potato, cheese, and mushroom litters to the Vikings, ‘Saved by the Bell,’ and ‘The Adams Family.’ This happy pack (also known as our “Husky Heroes”) represents over 40 years of ethical sled dog care, selective breeding and raising exceptional touring sled dogs. Our unique pack is a blend of 6 different sled dog breeds, including the Seppala Siberian Sled Dog, the Siberian Husky, the Canadian Indian Husky, the Alaskan Malamute, the Alaskan Husky, and the Alaskan Racing Husky.

Each breed, litter, and dog is completely unique, and they are treated as such. From their roles in our pack to how they are cared for, we take extreme care to ensure each dog is loved and looked after just as it needs to be.

A Sled Dog’s Career at Snowy Owl

At Snowy Owl, our pack isn’t just a team; they’re family. Most are born and raised in our kennel, nurtured by our family.

As pups, they begin with long walks, acquainting themselves with the wilderness and basic experiences like river crossings. By six months, they take their first runs alongside seasoned veterans, learning the ropes with gentle guidance.

During their working years, life’s a mix of fun and training. Summer means free runs and a bit more relaxation. The dogs get to work during the mornings for Carting Tours and enjoy the sun and lots of play time in the afternoons, while autumn mornings mimic sled team runs. Winter’s when they hit their stride, running 20-30 kilometers a day, always at their own pace.

Our dogs are never pushed to work; when they’re ready to retire, they do, no matter their age. Though this typically occurs around 8-9 years of age. Through our rigorously screened adoption program, we ensure they find responsible and experienced owners who understand the unique needs of working dogs, providing them with the best possible forever homes.

At Snowy Owl, they’re not just dogs but cherished members. They get regular vet check-ups, personalized diets, and lots of playtime. And they love nothing more than their job as sled dogs—it’s what they were born to do. From start to finish, they’re family, embodying the joy of companionship and the thrill of a life well-lived.

How We Breed

At Snowy Owl, breeding is all about ensuring top-notch performance and robust health. While many of our dogs are raised in-house, we also welcome pups from other kennels through various means like purchase, rescue, or adoption. However, our preference leans heavily towards breeding our own. With a lineage stretching back to our establishment in 1983, we meticulously choose the strongest bloodlines, enabling us to monitor health and address any hereditary concerns closely.

In our breeding program, we prioritize a few key factors. First up is disposition; our sled dogs are chosen for their friendly and approachable nature, which is crucial for their interactions with guests during tours. Health is another biggie; we ensure our dogs maintain excellent eating habits and experience minimal health issues. Lastly, genetics play a pivotal role; traits like resilient coats, endurance, tough feet, and a natural drive to run and pull are inherent in traditional sled dog breeds. These genetic traits are crucial for ensuring the comfort and safety of our dogs during their sled duties, making them the bedrock of our breeding efforts.

Snowy Owl Sled Dog Adoption Program

Interested in welcoming a retired sled dog into your home? Learn more about our adoption program, the process, what we look for in an adopter, and meet the dogs currently seeking their forever homes.

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