“It’s An Honour” Catching Up With Ash & Life After Her Dog Sled Career

If you’re looking to adopt a husky in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. At Snowy Owl, our dogs have thrilling, fun careers participating in our sled dog tours. These dogs love their work, and they are incredibly energetic, obedient, loyal, and dedicated because of it. But, their happiness is our priority and participating in sled dog tours is just a job, and like any working person, it’s up to them to choose when it’s time for a change.

Adopting A Husky From Snowy Owl

No matter their age, we find them the best possible home when they’re ready to hang up the harness, and we continually check in on them to ensure they’re happy and loving their new phase of life.

These huskies aren’t like other dogs; they’re brilliant and unique, requiring experienced owners who are the perfect fit. Today, we caught up with a former member of a pack and a permanent member of our loving community: Ash.

Ash’s New Home

Alysson adopted Ash from Snowy Owl Dog Tours in March of 2023 after meeting her for the first time earlier in the fall. The pair live in Calgary, and Alysson told us that her favourite thing about Ash is her temperament and personality. “Ash is calm, cuddly, curious, gentle, well-socialized (adults, children, dogs), beautiful, loyal, loving, and intelligent. She’s my new roommate and best buddy!”

Ash’s new owner shared that she lives an active lifestyle and has always had a soft spot for huskies and adoption. While she was passively looking online to adopt a husky, the effort became far more active when she came across Snowy Owl’s website. “The first time I saw Ash’s picture and read about her, I felt there was something special about her; I went on vacation and I just couldn’t stop thinking about her!”

Feeling that Snowy Owl’s values were in line with her own and that it could be a perfect fit, she noted that “all of the dogs I came into contact with during visits to the kennel were absolute sweethearts; I wanted to take home more than just the one I came for! As well, I was impressed with a conscious and intentional adoption process that truly ensured Ash, and I were a good fit and had formed a relationship prior to adoption.” In fact, Alysson had come from Calgary to visit Ash in Canmore seven times before bringing her home.

The Happiest New Beginning

Life looks a little bit different for Ash now, but we’re over the moon to report that she is as happy as can be. She loves roaming, running, and sniffing freeling on her off-leash walks. She’s had several encounters with rabbits, beavers, squirrels, geese, a cat, and even a coyote, which further fuels her excitement to get out and explore the city. “Ash also loves lounging on her comfy bed and standing on her hind legs to get and give love,” Alysson told us. “While it’s just Ash and I at home, Ash has been celebrated as the newest member of an extended family that includes my parents, siblings, nephews, niece, and one bouncy Labradoodle!”

“In the short period we have been together, Ash has far exceeded any expectations I might have had for her. She has demonstrated trainability and resilience. Ash has adapted to the city- doors, elevators, garages, vehicles, bicycles, strangers, skateboards, scooters, every variety of man-made surface, household appliances, housetraining, and indoor life- seamlessly. Ash’s new year’s resolution is to work on loose leash walking (haha)!”

At Snowy Owl, we take pride in the care and intention we put into finding our retired sled dogs perfectly suited homes. We’re so pleased to hear that Ash and Alysson have carved out a beautiful life together, and we can’t express just how life-changing adopting one of our huskies can be.

“I had the most beautiful relationship with my previous husky, and it was always going to take a very special soul to open my heart to love again,” said Allyson. “Ash is that special soul. She is a joy to know and love, and I’m looking forward to continuing to build our relationship and the many adventures we will share. It’s an honour to be able to show Ash what retired life has to offer!” Looking to adopt a husky? You know where to find us.