Heartwarming Adoption Update From Trinity’s New 11-Year-Old Family Member

We know our adoption updates are usually pretty heartwarming, but trust us when we say that this one takes the cake. Today, we’re sharing Trinity’s story. Trinity was adopted by a loving family that was intimately familiar with the Snowy Owl Adoption program. They had adopted another retired sled dog in the past, Boss, who sadly passed away recently. Their time with Boss was magical and memorable, so much so that they found themselves ready to welcome another husky hero into their home and their hearts.

Trinity’s new family of two adults and two kids welcomed her with open arms. One of those awesome kids, Mireille, wrote in with the adoption update and shared it with you today.

Mireille is 11 years old. “ I love having a wonderful dog around the house. We adopted our amazing dog named Trinity; she is 8 years old,” she shared. In our family, there are two adults and two children, including me. I have a brother two years and two months younger than me. We both feed the dog and get squashed by Trinity whenever we sit on the couch.”

Mireille told us that she and her family like to live in the suburbs of Calgary, where there is a little forest nearby. Trinity enjoys jumping and smelling everything in there.” Now, let’s flashback to where it all began.

“We adopted Trinity two days after Christmas. We had a sleepover with Trinity the day before Christmas. She was such a delight to have around that we decided in a few days that she would be perfect for the family,” the 11-year-old told us.

“We love having retired huskies as our dog pets because we find them more laid back, calmer and they tend to be quieter. When we leave in the morning, Trinity likes sleeping and moving from the couch to the floor and then back and forth. Trinity gets very excited when she gets food, has a lot of attention but however she is very calm with other people and respects pretty much all the rules we set for her. I actually don’t think I’ve heard a peep out of her since the day before Christmas.”

It sounds like a pretty perfect match, doesn’t it? But Trinity is more than just a pet. She’s a trusted support for Mireille and her family. “I love that whenever I come home I see a cute dog on the couch staring at me, waiting for me to pet her. I also enjoy the company I get with her when I feel alone, sad, or mad. She listens and then paws you for more pets.”

Mireille explained that Trinity “enjoys belly rubs, she was a bit timid at first when we just got her but over time she grew more comfortable with us and more the belly rubs she got. She also loves walks, it is one of her favorite times of the day, especially when there is snow out. Trinity likes to sleep a lot.”

Since she’s been in her new home, she’s developed new routines, learned a ton about life as a family dog, and given and received so much love.

“I believe that adopting a retired sled dog from Snowy Owl met all of our expectations. I would also like to thank Makenzie for her amazing work at helping us find the right dog twice. We wanted a dog that was easy on little kids for our baby cousins, a dog that my brother and I could walk every now and then when my parents needed it. A dog that listened, enjoyed company and liked staying inside houses with their family. We love her so much!!!!” said Mireille.

We’re honoured to be part of this love story, and we think it perfectly illustrates just how life-changing our adoption program can be. A huge thank you to Mireille and her family for welcoming two of our beloved husky heroes into their home and for sharing this uplifting update with us. We’re definitely crying, and it’s okay if you are, too.