Join Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours on a signature self-driven sled where you’ll lead your own pack of husky heroes, or sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of the Canadian Rockies on one of our instructor-driven sleds!

When making a reservation, the biggest decision our guests face can be which sled type to choose. We have two different options for your dog sledding adventure, our signature self-driven sleds and our instructor-driven sleds. Before we go into detail, be sure to know that either sled type you choose you are bound to have an amazing experience as both have their perks.

Driver: Snowy Owl Self-Driven Sled Dog Sled Tours

Snowy Owl Self-Driven Sled TourImagine being able to stand on runners at the back of your sled and command your own dog team through the beautiful Canadian Rockies! To yell “Hike” and watch the enthusiasm of your pack of husky heroes as they take off! With our signature self-driven sled, you experience being the musher while your family and/or friends sit in the sled and enjoy the ride. Do not fret though, halfway through your tour you get to swap spots/seats so you all get an opportunity to experience the joy of commanding your own team of husky heroes!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done anything like this before. You’re given a detailed introduction at the start of the tour from one of our expert guides, and you’ll be following behind one of them on our trail. Throughout your adventure, the guide will stop to give you information on what’s coming up on the trail and instruct you on how to work your way through it. Additionally, our pack is well trained, they know exactly what to do, making them safe and experienced companions on your adventure!

Not many people know this, but dog sledding is a physical activity, so make sure you pack your winter running boots. When you’re going uphill on the trail it’s important that you help out your team and hop off the runners and jog alongside the sled. This is to help our husky heroes, so they are not pulling too much weight up the hill. If you’re getting tired, the alternative is to hop back on and help push the sled like you would a skateboard.

If you’d rather just unwind and enjoy the breathtaking mountain views, then we always have the next sled type available for you, instructor-driven sleds.

Rider: Snowy Owl Instructor-Driven Sled Dog Sled Tours

This sled option is perfect for families with young children, guests with medical conditions or physical restrictions that do not allow for them to command their own team, as well as those who just want to chill and take it all in. Guests are tucked into one of our custom-made sleds, made comfortable with foam padding and cozy with Pendleton wool blankets. Throughout the tour, our guides answer any questions you may have, provide information about our pack of husky heroes, and the history of our company and dog sledding!

* Recieve 10% off instructor-driven sled tours until the end of April 2021. Can’t be combined with other discounts. Excluding holidays.

Whichever sled type you chose, you are bound to have the experience of a lifetime. Let us help you reconnect with adventure and harness your dreams!

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