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Dog Training On Long Island

At Wallys World, our team of professionals possesses over 20 years of experience in dog training. We offer the best dog training on Long Island at affordable prices and with flexible hours to fit your schedule.

Our dog training programs

We primarily offer two types of dog training: in-home program and board and train program. With in-home programs, we offer dog training to both you and your canine in the comfort of your home on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

We also offer board and train dog training on Long Island where your dog comes to live with one of our trainers and undergoes training at our trainers' place. We offer four levels of dog training: beginner, basic, advanced, and complete training. We determine the training level based on the age of your canine and train them on all the basic commands and other areas based on your requirement.

How often & for how long should you train your dog?

Several studies state that everyday training can prove detrimental to a dog's learning process and can dampen the speed of their learning. We do not recommend dog training daily or for long periods. We believe that training your dog once a week can yield more promising results than training him for five or more times a week.

Training your dog on basic commands, obedience, and agility should not take more than 9 - 10 weeks. By limiting your dog training sessions to 1-2 short sessions per week, you can end up with a well-trained dog in no time.

Three essential commands that you must teach your dog

If you are getting started on training your new puppy, begin by training them on a couple of basic commands like the look, drop it, leave, come, sit, etc. Here is a list of important commands to teach your puppy:

  • Look - When you begin training your dog, it's important to make sure you have your dog's attention. So, begin by training him on the command 'watch me' or 'look' to make sure you have your dog's focus on you when you are teaching him.
  • Come - Training your dog on the command 'come' can help when she slips out of her leash or if you have to call her inside from the yard. Whenever your dog complies with your command, reward her with praise and treats.
  • Sit - This command can be extremely useful when you are trying to manage unwanted behaviors in your puppy. Sit command can help prevent your dog from jumping on your visitors or people he meets during his daily walks. You can use it to settle or calm your dog when he behaves antsy or restless.

To meet with one of our trainers at Wallys World and for more details, call us at (631) 729 1664. We offer unsurpassable dog training on long island for canines of all ages and breeds. We offer the best training to dogs and help them lead a happy, disciplined, and fulfilling life.

Dog Training On Long Island
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