At Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours in Kananaskis, our dogs were born to run, and our instructors love our dogs. All of our dogs love people, as do our instructors, providing for a very fun-loving, happy-go-lucky experience for all of our guests. Beyond that, our team is incredibly understanding. No two guests are the same, and some people are my shy and reserved while others are very talkative and outgoing. Whatever your personality and comfort zone is, we'll do our best to adjust to you.

Is Dog Sledding Animal Cruelty?

Dog lovers around the planet have expressed concerns about dog sledding. From an outsider's perspective, it's easy to understand why they would conclude that dog sledding is cruel. They see the dogs tied up, and the dogs are made to run and pull sled at the behest of the driver.

To make matters worse, there have been horror stories coming from dog sledding companies in the past. In the past, there were certain dog sledding companies that overworked their dogs, neglected them, or even flat-out abused them. These incidents apparently left a lasting impression in the minds of people on the outside.

Come See for Yourself

If you are someone who has similar concerns about animal cruelty, we invite you to visit us at Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours. We would like you to experience dog sledding for yourself. That way, you can see it for what it is. We can tell you right now that you have never encountered a bigger dog's rights advocate than Snowy Owl, but still, you don't have to take our word for it.

At Snowy Owl Dog Sled Tours, all of our sled dogs are treated with lots of love every day. They're well-fed, well-housed, and they all live very fulfilled lives, which is extremely important for a dog to be happy. Think about how many people you know (perhaps yourself included) who have dogs at home. They sit inside all day while the owner is at work, rarely having time to run, play, and explore. Dogs like this do not live fulfilled lives, no matter how much they are loved. Why? Because of a dog's nature.

Sled Dogs Need to Explore

Dogs need to run every day, pee on things and use their noses. Huskies, in particular, can consume 10k calories a day. Their bodies are designed to burn massive amounts of energy that we could never fathom. In the wild, huskies can travel as much as 100 miles a day. Of course, we don't push our dogs that far, but they are allowed to run and pull for exceptional distances because nothing on earth makes them happier!

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If you would like to go dog sledding Kananaskis, AB, give us a call. Remember to schedule your tour in advance because, as we get closer to December, our schedule starts to fill up faster. By scheduling your tour in advance, you can be sure that a team will be available on the day and time that you want.

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