It's common knowledge within our industry that Snowy Owl is home to the best dog sled tours in Canmore - Canada even. We have the best dogs, the best trails, and the best instructors in the world here! Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours provides the best dog sledding experience in Canmore. Contact us today if you would like to schedule a tour with Snowy Owl.

Come Have Fun with Us

Are you ready for husky sledding? So are we! Just remember to bring an extra layer of protection for the cold. We know that you are excited to go dog sledding, and you can rest assured that our husky heroes are excited too! In fact, our dogs can't wait to go sledding with you!

What are the Dogs Like?

Our huskies are well-trained and people-friendly. While you are with us, you will be more than welcome to pet our dogs and give them some love and attention if you please. It never hurts to form a great relationship with our huskies before a run. If not, that's okay too. They'll still be glad to run with you.

Depending on the length of your tour, we might run six or eight dogs er sled. For longer tours, we will bring more dogs along so that they can share the load evenly. The two dogs in the middle pull the sled and maintain the speed. The last two dogs (the two closest to the sled) are the wheel dogs. They are the most powerful dogs in the team and are the ones responsible for bearing the weight of the sled.

You Must Experience Dog Sledding for Yourself

Dog sledding with Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience to satisfy all thrill-seekers! Sledding is the favourite part of the day for our dogs and our guests. With more than 50 dogs in our squad, we can always guarantee that you will have a great time with us.

What was once the standard mode of conveyance for local indigenous people is now an iconic pastime. Although viewed as a recreational sport by many, dog sledding is fun for the whole family. Adults and children enjoy dog sledding equally, especially when everything is just right! Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours provides private dog sled tours in Canmore. Fun and safety are our two primary concerns. At the hands of the best instructors and dogs in the world, you'll be safe and have plenty of fun! That's our promise to you.

Our Dogs are Built for the Run

Snowy Owl sled dogs can travel dozens of miles each day at high speeds. Sled dogs can easily consume 10,000 calories of food each day, and their bodies are built to turn those calories into energy. Therefore, you don't have to worry about them getting tired or stretching themselves thin.

Further, sled dogs are treated wonderfully, and they live very fulfilled lives, doing what they were born to do.


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