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TPLO Surgery & Recovery with Husky Hero, Charger

Dogs play such a special role in our lives. For many people, dogs are an important part of their family. They offer companionship, entertainment, comfort, and protection. Their unconditional love and affection mean we’ll often do anything to ensure their wellbeing. Hence the booming pet industry!

Snowy Owl Tours – Sled Dog Welfare

As a dog first company, we’re advocates for sled dog welfare. We’re in support of the practical and legal concept of animal ownership and in practice, love our sled dog pack and share our lives with them. So, why should sled dog welfare be important to you? To put it simply, there are no regulations […]

7 Breeds of Husky Heroes at Snowy Owl Tours

We currently have around 160 dogs and 7 breeds of husky at our kennel. Our pack lovingly referred to as our “husky heroes” represents more than 30 years of selective breeding, ethical sled dog care and raising exceptional touring sled dogs. Our unique pack is a blend of seven different sled dog breeds. While most […]

Snowy Owl Founder, Connie Arsenault’s Life Story

Interview with Snowy Owl Founder, Connie Arsenault Discover the story of Connie Arsenault who founded Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours™ back in 1983 when Canmore was still a sleepy coal mining town. An original Albertan, female entrepreneur, Connie’s father was an Alberta Provincial Parks ranger. Connie’s first husband Charles worked full time with Lafarge Canada […]

Meet The Musher With Erin Mihalyi (aka E-$)

Learn about the life of a dog sled guide in our Meet the Musher blog series. This interview is with senior instructor Erin Mihalyi, aka E-$’s. Originally from Vancouver Island, on her days off Erin enjoys running with her dog Remington a retired husky hero who is completely blind but that doesn’t stop her from […]