Behind the Scenes with our New Summer Kennel Tour Experience

If you love dogs, you won’t want to miss this unique and memorable experience. Our kennel tour allows you to get up close and personal with our pack of almost 200 husky hero dogs.

Kennel Renovations

The well-being of our pack of huskies is our number priority. So, this spring we completed extensive renovations to our kennel facility. Including a new, larger perimeter fence which incorporates more trees and other natural features for the dogs to enjoy during their daily free runs.

We also updated the dog houses and built some new larger covered kennel areas for our puppies and dogs who are recovering from surgery. Finally, the updated kennel facility is dotted with colourful hanging flower baskets.

Kennel Tour

The tour bus leaves from Snowy Owl Dog Sled Tours downtown Canmore office. It’s a short drive through Canmore and out to the kennel facility where staff provide a safety orientation before guests leave the bus.

Once off the bus, guests are escorted into one of the two large enclosures where they join the females and neutered male dogs for their free run. Surrounded by large dogs who all want to be pet and cuddled, there is plenty of staff on hand to answer questions and provide information making this tour both educational and exhilarating. The tour provides time to walk around and meet any of the dogs, as well as time to watch them play and interact with each other.

After, you’ll get a chance to cool down in the shade with a cold drink while you learn more about how our crew cares for our dogs, including feeding, watering, medication, and exercise. They’ll also answer any questions you may have.

Next, you’ll get a chance to visit our second area, with our leashed males as well as time with the puppies. The tour ends with a chance to wash your hands and use our washrooms, before heading back to downtown Canmore on the bus.

The Happiest New Beginning

Life looks a little bit different for Ash now, but we’re over the moon to report that she is as happy as can be. She loves roaming, running, and sniffing freeling on her off-leash walks. She’s had several encounters with rabbits, beavers, squirrels, geese, a cat, and even a coyote, which further fuels her excitement to get out and explore the city. “Ash also loves lounging on her comfy bed and standing on her hind legs to get and give love,” Alysson told us. “While it’s just Ash and I at home, Ash has been celebrated as the newest member of an extended family that includes my parents, siblings, nephews, niece, and one bouncy Labradoodle!”

“In the short period we have been together, Ash has far exceeded any expectations I might have had for her. She has demonstrated trainability and resilience. Ash has adapted to the city- doors, elevators, garages, vehicles, bicycles, strangers, skateboards, scooters, every variety of man-made surface, household appliances, housetraining, and indoor life- seamlessly. Ash’s new year’s resolution is to work on loose leash walking (haha)!”

At Snowy Owl, we take pride in the care and intention we put into finding our retired sled dogs perfectly suited homes. We’re so pleased to hear that Ash and Alysson have carved out a beautiful life together, and we can’t express just how life-changing adopting one of our huskies can be.

“I had the most beautiful relationship with my previous husky, and it was always going to take a very special soul to open my heart to love again,” said Allyson. “Ash is that special soul. She is a joy to know and love, and I’m looking forward to continuing to build our relationship and the many adventures we will share. It’s an honour to be able to show Ash what retired life has to offer!” Looking to adopt a husky? You know where to find us.

Tour Highlights

Are you a fan of the Disney movie, Togo? A highlight for fans is meeting Hugo, who was Togo’s stunt double. Learn more about the filming of this incredible movie from staff during your tour.

Our other pack superstars include our biggest and fluffiest malamute dogs from our metal litter, like Megadeath.

One of the most popular parts of our kennel tour is the opportunity to spend some time with our puppies! There are a few dogs in our pack who are natural nannies. It’s cute to watch them keeping an eye on the puppies from outside their enclosure.

Tour Details

The summer dog kennel tours run Thursday to Sunday, starting at 2pm. Guests will be at the kennel facility from 2:30-4:00pm and arrive back in Canmore at 4:15pm. The season for this summer tour starts in June, and ends sometime in October, depending on the weather conditions.

Please note that you will get dirty on this tour. We recommend wearing old clothes and long sleeve shirts to avoid the dog’s sharp nails. Suitable for kids aged 8+. Tour prices: $75 +GST (ages 16+) and $60 +GST (ages 8-15).

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