Adoption Update with Husky Hero, Shere-Khan

Where do you live?

Spruce Grove, Alberta

When did you adopt your retired sled dog?

August 14, 2021 after a week long sleepover

Describe your family, partner, kids and other animals?

There is my husband Gerry and I and our two young kids Arianna 7 Declan 5. We also have our 11yr old Husky Kodha that we have had since he was born in Australia in 2010 and he moved back to Canada with us in late 2012

What motivated you to adopt a retired sled dog?

We always wanted another dog (specifically a husky to play with Kodha) but we knew with two young kids and our jobs now that we could not do another Husky puppy as although they are the cutest things in the world they are a lot of work. I randomly came across the Snowy Owl page one day and noticed the adoptions I emailed them right away and that started our journey. I knew that we had enough love to give one of those adorable dogs the best retirement!

What do you love most about having an adoptee sled dog join your family?

More Husky cuddles and love! Shere-Khan fit right into our family and Kodha loves his new brother even though they have some grumpy moments when Shere-Khan steals Kodha’s bed and they try to steal each others food ( it’s the exact same)

But most of the time they are twinning. People can’t believe they are not brothers for real, some days depending on the lighting it is actually hard to tell them apart. People also find it hard to believe they are both senior dogs as they look and act much younger!

What 3 activities does your adoptee enjoy the most?

  • Naps anywhere from the couch, to his dog bed, the patio set, the sandbox, gardens to the hole(s) he made in the yard LOL!
  • Cuddles he loves to be pet and will let you know if you stop too soon
  • The off leash dog park he loves to make new friends people and dogs combined

What new skills did your husky hero learn since living with you?

  • Stairs he has mastered 3-4 and has done more but not his favourite
  • Lino and laminate flooring he is getting more brave and walking off the carpets we put down for him onto the floors.
  • Still working on pulling on walks but he has gotten so much better walking on a splitter leash with Kodha and is learning to stop and smell everything!

Did adopting a retired sled dog meet all your expectations?

YES!!! Mackenzie and Jereme were amazing; they made the process so easy. Love that they make sure the dogs are the right fit for your family. Everyone at Snowy Owl is great with these dogs. It is such a beautiful thing they all love them like their own! Pretty sure if we had the room we would have more of the retired husky heroes. There was a lot of driving on our part to Canmore but that’s ok as we love the mountains and we tried to combine most visits to Snowy Owl with a camping trip or something.

Are you interested in adopting a husky hero?

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