Adoption Update with Husky Hero, Shepard

What’s your name and the name of your beloved husky hero!

Murray, Natali and Shepard

Where do you live?


When did you adopt your retired sled dog?

September 2022

Describe your family, partner, kids and other animals?

Two humans and two cats and now our Shepard

What motivated you to adopt a retired sled dog?

Having done two Snowy Owl Sled Dog tours we fell in love with the dogs and were thrilled to find out they can be adopted in their retirement.

What do you love most about having an adoptee sled dog join your family?

We love having Shepard as part of our family as he gets us out more often each day than we would normally consider. He is a great companion on our hikes. He provides us with endless cuddles and provides us stuffing for countless new pillows (the shedding though!)

What 3 activities does your adoptee enjoy the most?

Shepard loves head scratches, hikes/walks and chilling out with the family.

What new skills did your husky hero learn since living with you?

Shepard learned how to walk up and down stairs. How to live with two cats. And how to roar around on hardwood floors.

Did adopting a retired sled dog meet all your expectations?

Yes, we love Shepard so much, he has exceeded our expectations. The process to adopt him allowed us to get to know all the available adoptees, narrowing it down to the one that fit our family the best.

Are you interested in adopting a husky hero?

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