Adoption Update with Husky Hero, Savage

Snowy Owl Tours - Canmore, Alberta - Adoption Update with Savage and his little friendYour name and the name of your beloved husky hero!

Brooke and Josh along with our beloved husky hero Savage (aka Savage “Beast”, Savy, Balto, and Silly Sled-dog)

How many seasons did you work for Snowy Owl Tours?

The 2021-2022 winter season, and part of the 2022 summer season.

When did you adopt your retired sled dog?

We adopted Savage in March 2022.

What motivated you to adopt a retired sled dog/ what made them stand out from the rest of the pack?

After meeting all the amazing husky heroes at Snowy Owl, I knew I wanted to provide a good home for one of the retirees. At the time, I had also been considering adopting another companion for our dog Thumper. Savage had been one of the calmer huskies in the kennel, but he started to stand out from the rest once he got comfortable around me and began to show off his goofy side. I think the day he placed his paw on my shoulder and gave me the biggest grin was the day I fell in love with him. When he went up for adoption, I brought him home for a sleepover and the rest is history!

Snowy Owl Tours - Canmore, Alberta - Adoption Update with Savage with a raw boneWhat do you love most about having an adoptee sled dog join your family?

We love seeing the progress Savage is making with retired life! He can be timid in new situations but once he gets used to a new experience (like climbing stairs or crossing a bridge) he gains confidence quickly. It’s awesome watching him become comfortable in new surroundings and showing off his goofy personality more often. I also love how Savage has become a great companion for Thumper. The two seniors follow each other everywhere now, and often snuggle up together on the couch or on the bed (Savage often uses Thumper as a pillow and Thumper couldn’t care less).

What 3 activities does your adoptee enjoy the most?

  • Exploring! Whether it’s the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, or the Sunshine Coast, Savage loves his hikes in the mountains, walks in the forest, and the occasional stroll along the beach.
  • Dog park – Savage needs to sniff everything and will sometimes partake in a game of chase with another dog or two.
  • Playing/snoozing in the backyard – Savage enjoys playing with all the toy balls, getting chased around the yard, jumping into snow piles, or just taking a quick nap in the grass.

Snowy Owl Tours - Canmore, Alberta - Adoption Update with Savage on a walk with small white dogWhat new skills did your husky hero learn since living with you?

Learning to master stairs, sitting at the door when he wants to go outside/inside, commands like stay, come, shake a paw, and getting comfortable in water (when we first adopted him Savage wasn’t keen on getting his paws wet, but now he walks into water willingly).

Did adopting a retired sled dog meet all your expectations?

Easily exceeded our expectations! Watching Savage become confident indoors and showing us that he is comfortable in his new home has been an amazing experience for us! From the beginning, he has been a very polite and well-mannered guy with everyone and it’s great to see him enjoying himself in retirement. Savage is such a sweet and funny guy who makes us smile and laugh every day and who continues to surprise us, and we can’t thank Snowy Owl enough for allowing us to adopt him. Savage has become an irreplaceable part of our family; we love him with all our hearts and couldn’t ask for a better companion!

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Snowy Owl Tours - Canmore, Alberta - Adoption Update with Savage curled up outside.

Snowy Owl Tours - Canmore, Alberta - Adoption Update with Savage on a walk

Snowy Owl Tours - Canmore, Alberta - Adoption Update with Savage sleeping