Adoption Update with Husky Hero, Kimber

What’s your name and the name of your beloved husky hero!

George, Kate & Kimber (AKA Kimbers, Kimbo Wimbo, Snoot Machine, Squirrel Apocalypse, Snootsky, Fluffmaster 10000, Snow Angel….the list goes on).

Where do you live?

In a little cabin in Banff, Alberta.

When did you adopt your retired sled dog?

Back in April 2022.

Describe your family, partner, kids, and other animals.

Currently, it’s just myself, my partner Kate and our beloved hoosky Kimbers.

What motivated you to adopt a retired sled dog?

We have both raised working breeds before and were really curious about the husky temperament. They aren’t all screamers like you might see on TikTok! We can safely say that Snowy Owl Tours raise the most wonderfully balanced dogs. Plus we needed a four legged friend that could keep up with us on our mountain

What do you love most about having an adoptee sled dog join your family?

Kimber keeps me company in my workshop all day and is the ultimate running buddy. I win in the summer, in the winter she smokes me everytime, even at 10 years old… Also, she’s so cute her ridiculously adorable face would make even the bitterest old man smile.

What 3 activities does your adoptee enjoy the most?

  • Running – at full sprint (preferably on snow, get some spiked trainers!)
  • Tracking – anything and everything
  • Eating Sardines – the stinkier the better (keep your car windows open the fish breath is next level).


What new skills did your husky hero learn since living with you?
Walking to heel, Sit, Stay (and wait) and her recalls gotten pretty good. Walking to heel will be a big challenge (slip lead recommended, NO HARNESSES). Kimbers adjusted to inside living almost immediately and has no problem with vehicles, hardwood floors or stairs.

Did adopting a retired sled dog meet all your expectations?

Above and beyond what we expected, kimbers is cool and calm in any situation. Other dogs, handsy kids, loud busy places, no problem at all. Imagine having a dog you never have to bathe and she still smells like a tasty tangerine or fresh flowers. She is truly a snow Angel and if we had the space we’d adopt another!! Thank you Snowy Owl!

Are you interested in adopting a husky hero?

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