Adoption Update with Husky Heroes, Mikey & Savannah

Catch up with adopted sled dogs Mikey and Savannah!

Where do you live?

Beaver County (45 minutes East of Edmonton) – Alberta

When did you adopt your retired sled dogs?

Savannah we adopted in August 2018

Mikey we adopted on Thanksgiving weekend 2019 (2 year anniversary this weekend!)

Describe your family, partner, kids and other animals?

Our family……when we adopted Savannah and Mikey it was just me and my twin girls and our rescue husky Rockie…oh and 7 cats.  Now my partner and her two children live with us, we adopted another rescue husky in 2020 and my partner’s dog (a cockalier) lives here too!  We also have chickens and goats, and 2 barn cats and 2 acres of land for husky fun!

What motivated you to adopt retired sled dogs?

My girls and I went every winter to dog sled with Snowy Owl, and one winter Carlin spoke to us about how you guys adopt your husky heroes when they retire.  We did the summer kennel visit shortly after we rescued Rockie and long story short he needed a strong lead dog to help him.  Carlin worked with us to bring Savannah home and the truth is she saved our Rockie boy.  Then what’s one more husky haha!  My girls and I decided to bring home another husky hero since we moved out to our acreage and had the space and had the time to continue running in the trails.  We fell in love with Mikey and although he took some time getting used to living with cats lol and being inside he is our teddy bear.

What do you love most about having adopted sled dogs join your family?

I love the unconditional love they have for their retired life.  Savannah is in charge in our house a true lead dog and Mikey is my shadow, when we are in the trails he has a job to do and he never let’s me down.  Both have shown our other two huskies (Rockie and Yukon) how to run the trails.  I love that we can give them a mostly relaxing retirement.  When the day comes that we are ready to adopt again we will be bringing home another retired sled dog – our home is not complete without at least 2 retired snowy owl heroes!

What 3 activities does your adoptee enjoy the most?

Savannah – sleeping, eating….treats are her favourite! hiking and cuddles

Mikey – sitting on the deck or in the backyard in the sun, hiking and hanging by the fire

What new skills did your husky hero learn since living with you?

Savannah – some patients….not really lol,  that the couch is better than a dog bed, and that we run on her schedule oh wait that is what we learned from her!

Mikey – how to deal with cats and their zoomies at 3 am (not his favourite), that the fridge is where the good stuff is, and how to navigate stairs

Did adopting retired sled dogs meet all your expectations?

I can honestly say that my family wouldn’t be complete if I had not found Savannah and Mikey.  Rockie would not be the happy and fun husky he is had we not brought Savannah home when we did.  I can’t imagine life without my pack of funny misfits.  Their personalities are far beyond anything we could imagine and every day is a fun, chaotic and ridiculous adventure.  My partner and I love our dog only getaways, our mountain adventures – trying to book a place with 4 huskies is a win in itself!  Savannah and Mikey are as much a part of me as I am to them.  I will forever be grateful to Snowy Owl for allowing my family to love and welcome their fur babies into our lives.  I will adopt again when we are ready, husky heroes are equally family dogs as they are working dogs.

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