Our Adoption Process

How it works:

1. Our adoption process is based on finding the right match for our dogs and the individual. Our adoption is not based on which dog the individual finds pretty/cute.

2. The individual must be willing to come to the Snowy Owl Kennel for a minimum of 10 visits with the possibility of more should we feel it advantageous.

3. If the individual can commit to the 10 visit minimum, they can view our "Request a Questionnaire" page and fill in the form.

4. Once our team receives it, we will send our questionnaire which the individual is asked to fill out in detail.

5. After reviewing the individual's questionnaire, we will inform them if they are an ideal match for any current, retired sled dogs.

6. If we have dogs suited to the individual's lifestyle, we will set up an initial kennel visit.

7. The first couple of visits will be to narrow down which dogs the individual is most compatible with.  We will also note how the dogs interact with the individual as well.

8. The remaining visits will be to take the dog out for walks which are done with our supervision. We will be assessing the individual's handling skills and ability.

9. Once we feel that the adoption is okay to move forward (meaning the individual can handle the dog comfortably) and there is a clear mutual connection with the dog of choice, we will plan a time line accordingly to finalize the adoption.