7 Breeds of Husky Heroes at Snowy Owl Tours

We currently have around 160 dogs and 7 breeds of husky at our kennel. Our pack lovingly referred to as our “husky heroes” represents more than 30 years of selective breeding, ethical sled dog care and raising exceptional touring sled dogs. Our unique pack is a blend of seven different sled dog breeds.

While most of the Snowy Owl pack are born and raised in our kennel by our family, we have purchased, rescued and adopted many dogs from other sled dog kennels. As much as we love to adopt and rescue when we can, we prefer to breed our own dogs. We can trace the lineage of every dog born in our kennel back to the start of our company in 1983. We select our soundest bloodlines for breeding and maintain excellent medical/veterinary records so we can closely monitor each dog’s health and whether there are any concerning hereditary traits being passed on through breeding.

1. The Seppala Siberian Sled Dog

This is the original performance Siberian husky imported from Russia. The working dog breed was developed for the purpose of pulling a sled in the cold.

Fun Fact:
The movie Togo is based on the story of Leonhard Seppala and his involvement in the serum run of 1925. Our Seppala Siberians are direct descendants of Leonhard’s kennel. A total of 66 of our dogs were used in the Togo film.

Gouda is one of the Seppala Siberian dogs in our kennel alongside her sisters: Brie, Goat, Cheddar and Gorgonzola.

2. The Siberian Husky

The mainstream Siberian husky bred for looks and performance.

This breed belongs to the Spitz genetic family, which is characterized by long, thick fur with pointed ears and their tails often curls.

Elsa is one of our Siberian huskies, as well as her sister Anna and brothers: Arendale, Olaf and Sven. They’re from our Frozen movie litter.

Feeling that Snowy Owl’s values were in line with her own and that it could be a perfect fit, she noted that “all of the dogs I came into contact with during visits to the kennel were absolute sweethearts; I wanted to take home more than just the one I came for! As well, I was impressed with a conscious and intentional adoption process that truly ensured Ash, and I were a good fit and had formed a relationship prior to adoption.” In fact, Alysson had come from Calgary to visit Ash in Canmore seven times before bringing her home.

3. The Alaskan Malamute

Bred by Mahlemiut, an Inuit tribe that settled in Alaska. They were bred for their strength and endurance to haul heavy freight as a sled dog.

Fun Fact:
This breed is among the oldest sled dog breeds of the Arctic.

Motorhead is one of our Malamutes in the kennel, along with his brothers: Megadeath, Sabbath, Metallica, Pantera and sisters: Marilyn and Maiden. They’re part of our Rock Band Litter and they certainly are the rockstars of our pack.

4. The Canadian Indian Husky

Bred by the southern First Nations people to service their trap lines.

Canadian Indian Huskys are the closest living relative to the coyote.

Splinter is one of our Canadian Indian Husky who’s up for adoption, as well as his brother Donnie.

Check out our adoption page for more information!

5. The Canadian Inuit Husky

The original sled dog breed, bred by the Inuit people in the far Arctic.

Other names include Qimmiq or Qimmit (Inuit language word for “dog”).

The breed was threatened with extinction, with a 2008 estimate of only 300 purebred dogs.

Ninja, pictured, as well as his brother Gaiden and Sustrugi are our last Canadian Inuit Huskies at the kennel.

6. The Alaskan Husky

A mixed-breed, often with a foundation of two different purebred breeds, such as The Canadian Indian Husky and Siberian Husky. The pulling ability and team player qualities are more important than looks.

Fun Fact:
Most of our dogs are Alaskan Huskies.

Amelia, who is pictured, is one of our Alaskan huskies in our kennel, as well as her brothers Aldrin, Baron and Shepard. They’re part of our pilot litter.

7. The Alaskan Racing Husky

The most popular among mushers, the Alaskan Racing Husky is a mixed-breed commonly used in races like the Iditarod and Yukon Quest. Racing sled dogs are a blend of Siberian Husky mixed with Greyhound, German Short Haired Pointer and/or Saluki.

Mayday is one of many Alaskan Racing Husky dogs in our kennel along with her badass sisters: Furiosa, Beatrix and Elektra.

Interested in learning more about our pack of husky heroes? Meet the pack!