Are you looking for things to do in Alberta this summer that won’t feel like deja vu? You’re not alone. While summer in Alberta is as beautiful as it gets, it can be pretty easy to fall into a routine and find yourself on those same trails you’ve walked a million times before. So, with that in mind, this list should help you step into all things new and exciting this summer. Here are some unique and unforgettable things to add to your bucket list for the warmer months ahead. 

Check Out Alberta’s Lesser Known Music Festivals 

Alberta is a music lover’s dream come true. From internationally-known venues and festivals to smaller-scale festivals with cult followings, there’s something for everyone. There’s truly nothing better than live music on a sunny day, and we want to encourage you to check out some of our province’s lesser-known festivals. 

Some awesome ones to consider include the Beaumont Music Festival in June, the Blueberry Music Festival in Stony Plain in August, Pembina River Nights in July, about an hour and a half west of Edmonton, Wild Mountain Music Festival in Hinton in July, Shady Grove in Sundre in July, and so much more. You won’t believe how many festivals take place across the province in all genres. We promise you’ll find something that excites you and gets you up on your feet right here in Alberta. 

Snowy Owl Dog Carting

Have you ever heard of dog carting? That might be because Snowy Owl in Canmore is one of the country’s only companies offering this unique adventure—picture dog sledding behind a pack of energetic, adoptable huskies. But–get this–it’s summer. Snowy Owl has been bringing guests into the Rockies by dog sled for over 40 years. Recently, they added summer dog carting to their roster of incredible experiences. If you want to experience the thrill of dog sledding but are more of a sun lover than a snow lover, this is the ideal activity for you. You get to see the most beautiful Rocky Mountain terrain, enjoy the company of hardworking and friendly huskies, and get a little adrenaline rush while at it. Tours fill up quickly, so don’t wait to get your bookings in for summer 2024

Visit Alberta’s Best Gardens

If you’re a plant lover who needs a bit more immersion than your own garden, you’re in luck. Alberta is blessed with a collection of stunning gardens that you can explore. Some great options we’d suggest include the University of Alberta Botanic Garden, which opens in May, the George Pegg Botanic Garden in Glenevis, the enchanting Nakka Yuko Japanese Garden in Lethbridge, and the Trochu Arboretum–a true hidden gem. 

Visit Alberta’s Iconic Glaciers 

Alberta is filled with massive, awe-inspiring glaciers that you need to see for yourself. Thanks to the mountainous nature of our province, your options for glacier visits are plentiful. That said, not all of Alberta’s glaciers are easily accessible. Some require a tour to visit in person. Either way, it’s absolutely worth the trip. Some that we’d highly recommend checking out include Angel Glacier, Columbia Icefield/Athabasca Glacier, Victoria Glacier, and Peyto Glacier. A glacier sighting really is the cherry on top of a great hike. 

Visit With Some Adorable Huskies

Next up, we’ve got the opportunity to hang out with nearly 200 playful and loveable huskies during a Kennel Tour at Snowy Owl. These huskies are hardworking sled dogs in the winter, but their summers are a little more casual. While they get out on dog carting tours, they have a lot more time to play and relax. So, why not get in on the fun? During a Kennel Tour at Snowy Owl, you’ll get to watch them splash, play, and enjoy their off-tether fun in the free-run enrichment program. After the run, you’ll have the chance to spend one-on-one time with the dogs, and you get to learn about the different breeds and the day in the life of a sled dog.

Of course, you’ll have plenty of time for hugs, kisses, and photo ops with your favourite huskies. Kennel Tour season kicks off in June, and you can go on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer. But be sure to book ahead. 

Drive the Most Scenic Trails

If you’re not much of a hiker but you live for the views, we think a scenic drive is in order. There are tons of beautiful routes to drive in Alberta that offer unbeatable views, a high possibility of wildlife settings, and many beautiful picnic spots and viewpoints along the way. If you’re in the mood for a drive, we highly suggest you hit the Icefields Parkway, Boomtown Trail, Canadian Badlands, Crowsnest Highway, Cowboy Trail, or Victoria Trail. While you’re at it, why not plan a little getaway and make it a proper road trip? 

White Water Rafting 

Last, you can’t call it a complete summer without some time on the water. Our province is bursting with gorgeous rivers waiting for you and your boat to hop on. A white water rafting tour is definitely in order if you’re ready to get wet, have fun, and get your adrenaline pumping. White Wolf Rafting operates out of Canmore, Alberta, with tours in Kananaskis. The tours are fun, the scenery is jaw-dropping, and the guides are the best of the best. From hitting the rapids to floating along serene bends, you’ll love this experience from start to finish.