5 Fun Dog Sledding Movies Starring Husky Dogs

If you’re a dog lover, and especially if you love husky breed dogs, you may have noticed just how many movies there are about them! We decided to create a list of our five favourite dog sledding movies that star huskies. Did we miss any? Drop us a comment with your favourite!

#1 TOGO The Untold True Story

Based on a true story, ‘TOGO The Untold True Story’ is set during the winter of 1925. The story follows Leonhard Seppala, played by William Defoe, and his lead dog, Togo as they race to transport an antitoxin serum (vaccine) to a small Alaskan town.

Produced by Disney in 2019, Togo was filmed in Alberta, Canada and features several stunning locations, including Fortress Mountain and Abraham Lake. The best part? TOGO stars no other than our very own Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours husky heroes!! Aside from he lead dog, almost every other dog in this movie is one of ours.

This epic winter adventure movie about courage, love and loyalty is sure to be a tear jerker for any dog lover. Best watched with a box of tissues, this movie is perfect to enjoy during the holiday season.

Learn more about Snowy Owl Tours involvement in this movie in this interview with Snowy Owl owner, Jereme Arsenault

Watch the TOGO movie trailer.

#2 Iron Will

Based on a true story, Iron Will is an inspiring, classic 1990s adventure movie about a musher leading his team of sled dogs on a cross-country race in an effort to win a $10,000 prize. Set in 1917, the 522-mile race starts in Winnipeg, Canada and ends in Minnesota, USA. Young, Will Stoneman competes against older men with much more experience in this enduring coming of age movie.

Watch the Iron Will movie trailer.

#3 Eight Below

Set at a scientific research base in Antarctica, and starring Paul Walker as Jerry, Eight Below tells the story of winter survival. Starring six Siberian huskies and two malamutes, this 2006 Disney movie is an emotional tale of friendship and courage. Jerry sets off on an inspiring journey to rescue his beloved husky dogs. One of the most endearing features of this movie is its ability to convey each dog’s individual personality.

Watch the Eight Below movie trailer.

#4 The Great Alaskan Sled Race

Based on the same events that inspired the movie TOGO, this 2019 movie tells the historic story of the 1925 Alaskan serum run, with a group of mushers travelling 700 miles to save children in Nome, Alaska. Based on the original story of Balto, this movie focuses on the musher, Leonhard Seppala and his dog. A family friendly movie, The Great Alaskan Sled Race was filmed in Colorado.

Watch the Great Alaskan Sled Race movie trailer.

#5 Toby McTeague

How can you not love this nostelgic movie poster? Not as well known as some of the bigger and newer Disney movies, Toby McTeague is a classic 1980s dog sledding movie. Set in northern Canada and filmed in Quebec, Canada, this movie focuses on Toby training to race his sled dogs to help save his family home and business. This old fashion, feel good movie is a story of courage, honour and respect.

Watch the Toby McTeague movie trailer.