Video Gallery

Enjoy some video of our fabulous 2 and 4 legged crew!!

Our husky heroes in the Travel Alberta Remember to Breathe campaign!
We had the honour of working with Travel Alberta on their wonderful campaign which hasbeen giving people those goosebump moments for over a year now!  It still touches our hearts every time we watch any of the Remember to Breathe videoes!  We are proud to be Canadian and Albertan!

This is why we love what we do!
Our family of husky heroes!  This video is dedicated to them and it is why we all love our job so much…if you want to call it a job that is!

Suzuki Super Bowl Commercial 2012
Yup…our husky family is a pretty big deal!

Fall Training
This is how we get the 4-legged team ready when we have no snow!

Optimus Prime and Indian…goofy boys!!
Hmmm…I wonder where Indian get’s his sassy behaviour?  Not from his uncle Optimus…

Baloo…such a silly guy!!
Yes…Baloo is also related to Optimus and Indian!

Snowy Owl on Shaw TV!!
Nice little video on us!

Dean McDermott loved his Snowy Owl Experience!!
Our friend Dean out dog sledding!

Snowy Owl on Alberta Primetime!!
Another nice video on Snowy Owl!