Adopt a Snowy Owl Husky Hero!

“We currently have retired sled dogs who are looking for a loving home to spend their Golden Years!  All of our dogs are healthy, up to date with vaccinations, de-worming and health check ups.  We would love to give them to a loving home where they can continue to have a job…even if it’s keeping the couch warm!   We consider retirement a reward for their many years of hard work as exceptional sled dogs. If you have space in your home and your heart for these sweet dogs please let us know.”

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Q: Why are these huskies up for adoption?
Q: Are these huskies able to adjust to a family environment or will they always be working dogs?
Q: Are the huskies good with babies and kids?
Q: Do your huskies get along with other dogs?
Q: Do your huskies have to be adopted strictly as outdoor dogs?
Q: Do the huskies require a yard?
Q: Are the huskies OK to be let off leash?
Q: Are the huskies house trained?
Q: How much does the adoption cost?
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Q: What are the conditions of adoption?
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If you are interested in providing a loving and caring home for one of our wonderful huskies please email our adoption coordinator, Sydney Smith: