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Adopt a Snowy Owl Husky Hero!

“We currently have retired sled dogs who are looking for a loving home to spend their Golden Years!  All of our dogs are healthy, up to date with vaccinations and we would love to give them to a loving home where they can continue to have a job…even if it’s keeping the couch warm!   We consider retirement a reward for their many years of hard work as exceptional sled dogs. If you have space in your home and your heart for these sweet dogs please let us know.”

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Q: Why are these huskies up for adoption?
A: Once our huskies have reach the age of 10 we like to allow them to retire and find something new that they enjoy!  Canoeing, kayaking, hiking, camping, biking or for some of the butterballs – making a job out of sleeping on the couch!  Many of our husky heroes who are available for adoption are the very reason Snowy Owl is where it is today and feel that our hardworking companions who are our family deserve to have the very best life possible, even after their working career!  It is a difficult choice however, a very important one – we know that once our beloved 4-legged family reaches a certain age, Snowy Owl is no longer the best home and would much rather see photos of our old friends living it up in their retirement!  Some of the younger huskies up for adoption are not as passionate about pulling and prefer not to be a sled dog. We have a responsibility and commitment to these huskies to ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable lifestyle.
Q: Are these huskies able to adjust to a family environment or will they always be working dogs?
A: All of our huskies have been well socialized from the time they are born and they are treated as working pets and are very much a part of our family!  Our dogs are born indoors and often as they get older return indoors for sleep overs and visits.  Once they are a bit older – we find that our dogs adjust well to being inside.  Since our dogs are bred for energy and pulling – as they age they calm down making their transition from working pet to house pet much more enjoyable.  Each husky is an individual and has it’s own personality and considering that we also have sled dogs that we have rescued here in our facility – each dog has a story!   These 4-legged family members did not have the same upbringing as the dogs born and raised here at Snowy Owl, which sadly means they are often shy and less social with people they do not know.  These dogs require a very specific home which we may or may not find however, they will always have a home here with us!   We respect each dog and their history so we never force our huskies to be pet or held against their will.   It’s important to know that a shy husky will take more time to adjust to a different environment and this certainly does not mean that they cannot learn to enjoy the home and regular household activities. Each dog we have in our kennel is affectionate; some just take their time in trusting people.
Q: Are the huskies good with babies and kids?
A: This will depend on the dog - if families have children or small babies we like to ensure the dog we place in that type of home is great with kids.   Some of the huskies are much too rough and do not understand that children and babies are much smaller and fragile.  In addition, not all of them are very patient and none of the huskies would enjoy having their tails pulled and ears tugged on so it is ideal to ensure that the kids/children/babies are supervised at all times when around the dog.   If families with small children are interested in adopting one of our huskies, it is important that the children respect the dog’s boundaries.  We endeavour to find a good match in the adoption process.
Q: Do your huskies get along with other dogs?
A: Keeping in mind the huskies are the closest descendents from wolves and coyotes, they can be more territorial than other breeds. Things like food, toys, sleeping areas and attention can cause confrontations if another dog continually violates their space. Huskies are a very independent breed and any rules must be enforced consistently and in a serious manner, otherwise the husky will choose not obey. For example, out of the more than 170 sled dogs we have in our kennel there are only about 10 who remain very territorial. The adoptee’s personality and the dog’s personality, must be a good match. Mutual respect between the family and the adopted husky is vital.
Q: Do your huskies have to be adopted strictly as outdoor dogs?
A: No, our huskies are quite happy to take a seat on the couch and enjoy soft surfaces to curl up on. However, they will still need to go outside often as they have thick fur coats and get overheated easily. You will need to accommodate the husky’s desire to be outside playing and running around in the snow, or outside basking in the warm summer sun with a source of shade available. If they are going to be sleeping outside you will need to supply a  proper, well made dog house with warm bedding.
Q: Do the huskies require a yard?
A: We prefer that our huskies go to a home with a reasonable sized fenced in yard. This will be much easier for their new owners as they will be able to leave the husky in the yard during work days.  The yard needs to have a high fence and the dogs must not be able to dig under the fence.  We would rather not have the dogs tied up very much however, in some cases they may need to be.  It may also be ideal to have a large fully secure pen for the dog to stay in if gone for longer periods of time.  Ensuring of course they have water, shade in the summer and or course warmth in the witner.  Keep in mind that huskies can dig holes under fences and may attempt take advantage of this.  If the husky wants out of the yard, it usually will get out, so ensuring the husky is active will encourage him/her to stay.
Q: Are the huskies OK to be let off leash?
A: This will depend again on the husky you adopt. A younger husky will need a lot of training in order to be trusted off leash. Training the husky in an off leash park that is fenced will be beneficial in creating trust between the owner and the husky.
Q: Are the huskies house trained?
A: No, our huskies live outdoors and are used to relieving themselves where ever and whenever they please. While house training, calling your husky by its name and showing him/her clearly what they did wrong and where you wish them to go, will be well received. If you are leaving your husky for the day you will need to leave him/her outside unless you arrange to have someone let the husky out during the day for you.
Q: How much does the adoption cost?
A: The adoption is free of charge but you may need to spay/neuter your husky if it has not already been done. For certain breeds there may be a small charge, as we actively try and preserve some husky breeds. A lot our funds are spent to help maintain breeding programs and keep these breeds alive.
Q: Can we adopt more than 1 dog?
A: We ask that you start with one husky and once everyone is settled and a routine established you can look into adopting a second.
Q: What are the conditions of adoption?
    • If you are interested in adopting one of our huskies you must be able to come and meet with us and the husky of choice – we ask that you visit at least twice before we will adopt the dog out.
    • We encourage interaction between the potential adopter and the husky before any commitment is made. We want to ensure that everyone is happy.
    • It’s important to be very patient with the husky you bring into your home. Their whole life has been spent with their pack so being away from them will cause some nervousness. There has also been a core group of people who raised them so they will also feel insecure without them. This will usually last a week or so. It will take some time for the husky to learn things like stairs or how to walk on slippery surfaces like tile or wood. Because they lived outdoors they need to be taught not to use the washroom inside, they will not understand it’s wrong unless you tell them.
    • If the adoption does not work out we ask that you bring the husky back to us so we can find a new home for him/her.
    • You must register the husky with your own town and vet and ensure proper and prompt veterinary care.
    • We ask that older dogs do not pull any weight.
Some useful information for you:
    • We are happy to supply the medical and pedigree information about the husky adopted.
    • All of our huskies receive a full physical examination every year and are up to date with their vaccinations. They also receive rabies shot every 3 years and de-worming 3 times a year.
    • Currently we feed the highest quality kibble to our huskies which is a kibble designed for working sled dogs. During the winter they eat a high fat/protein diet so we incorporate the meat with the kibble. This will not be necessary for an older dog that is becoming a house pet. You can continue to feed a raw diet as that is what’s best for them, however, they will not need a very high fat diet. We recommend feeding a high quality feed that does not include chicken or beef by-products in their ingredients. A supply of fresh clean water at all times is a necessity.
    • Regular grooming is very important as huskies have very thick fur coats and need to be groomed in order to maintain a clean and healthy coat. Dogs have natural oils in their fur that keep it healthy so bathing your dog too often will strip them of these oils and create a dry coat.

If you are interested in providing a loving and caring home for one of our wonderful huskies please email our VP Carlin Kimble: